About Stressfree-IT

We know we play a vital role in the day to day running of our clients’ business and we take this role very seriously, therefore the quality of our service and our attention to detail is greatly valued by our clients. Urgency and professionalism is what makes us different, we deliver 100% customer satisfaction .

We work hard with our customers to help them use emerging IT technologies to drive their business forward in a cost-effective, secure and reliable manner. Without considerable thought and research IT can often be unpredictable producing undesirable effects/costs on your business.

Therefore we are continually working behind the scenes with established hardware and software vendors to produce a working solution that works right first time.

With many years of experience we have probably solved your problem or met your objective before in similar organisations. If you are looking for a complete outsourcing solution or need additional help to complement your existing skills and resources, you will find us very friendly and approachable and always ready to give informal advice.

Tired of Windows crashing?

Sick of having software lock up or taking forever to load?
The problem could be all of those incorrect registry entries caused by software installation and un-installations that went awry.
Did you know that even after your anti-virus software and anti-spy ware software has removed intruders from your computer, your registry can still be corrupted, causing you headaches? See how remote tune can help.

  • Increase speed and stability of your system
  • Scans Registry for causes of Windows crashes
  • Safe and effective way to clean Registry and improve performance
  • Helps repair corrupt files that Anti-Spy ware alone can't fix
  • Works with most Windows OS - XP, Me, 98, NT and 2000
  • Easy Graphical Interface for Novice and Advanced Users

Over time Windows operating systems become unnecessarily bloated and often times corrupted because various programs fail to update or they delete needed and unneeded settings. This leads to longer startup times, slower performance and eventual failure of different hardware components, software or the Windows operating system.
Not only is this frustrating but you also lose valuable time everyday thanks to an inadequate Windows registry. Plus, hiring a computer technician to ' work out the bugs' can also be costly.